Props construction for Crufts. Contruccion de escenografia para Crufts

When Marisol Rey told me she needed two light posts for Crufts, my first instinct was paper. I was very wrong. Not only Crufts, the biggest dog fair in the UK, requires professional props creation, but also she needed them to be portable, that meant, finding a way to make it strong and modular.

Marisol and Kobu in Crufts

So I sat there, scratching my head, and decided that instead of starting from scratch to see what came already made, and found this:

Marisol and Kobu in Crufts

It was obviously great, but way too short and the base to small, so I thought, since it’s modular, as required, and the stand is made of two tubes, I will just buy 3 and make 2 out of it. Still the base needed to be bigger and heavier, Marisol and her dog Kobu were going to be dancing around it. And when I saw this wall shelves I knew I was on the right track.

Hexagonal shelves

After that it all came together very rapidly.

Sketch of the idea for the base
Original materials
Testing the idea
The base
Dog added for proportional reasons. Also, she is cute.

AND it was modular 🙂

Final product ready to go to Crufts.

It was truly a great experience and I can’t wait to see what I’ll need to build for Crufts 2018.

You are more than welcomed to look at the routine here:

Marisol and Kobu in Crufts


All rights reserved. No reproduction is allowed without my expressed consent.

Todos los derechos reservados. Prohibida la reproducción sin mi consentimiento.


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