Guante de Horno realizado en Fieltro – Felt Oven Mitten

Usando el vellón de lana de oveja como materia prima se desarrolló un guante para horno que ademas de funcionar con las mismas caracteristicas que los ofrecidos en el mercado, es completamente sustentable y biodegradable.

Using sheep wool I developed an oven mitten taking advantage of the heat insulation properties of felt. The development included various options until the ergonomic analyst  discovered that three fingers, thumb, index and mitten for the rest was the best option, offering the perfect balance in grip security and size flexibility.

The manufacture was kept low tech  so the mittens can be produced in small rural areas where manual work is available. The mittens provide a biodegradable product solution to add to the value chain of wool in the Patagonia covering all the safety necessities of industrially made oven mittens.



Todos los derechos reservados. Prohibida la reproducción sin mi consentimiento.

All rights reserved. No reproduction is allowed without my expressed consent.


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